Success demands a gradual everyday progress 


What is meant when we talk about progress? By Miriam Webster’s, Progress is “a movement forward” or “toward a place”; “is the process of improving or developing something over a period of time.”
The key words (movement forward, improving, developing) expresses progress as a gradual process and not a one time explosion. That is why to a very large extent, success is connected to patience and persistence.
Every serious minded person is aware of the fact that having vision, dreaming big, setting goals, and action are imperative factors towards success path. Therefore, success demands a process to progress upon.
Albeit, the pathway to success isn’t always smooth; contours and potholes are almost inevitable. But gradually, with one step at a time, the top will be reached. These potholes and contours could come in different forms; tedious tasks, discouragements from people, too engaged and busy, etc. But we all have to be vigilant as we move, to recognize when these factors of distractions, deviations and spontaneous hold-ups confronts us. They don’t mean stop with the success chase; they’re only one more challenge bridge to cross. Progress encompasses various aspects of life, it could be linked to a pursuit of a dream or developing one’s self on something.
As we move on the success lane, progressing on our steps (one at a time) demand a fortified mindset and belief system, clinged to patience and persistence. We should therefore, not be discouraged by the potholes and contours we are faced with. The end (success) will certainly, always justify the means.
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