Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers

It is very important to know that the kind of people around you have a way of influencing your perception of life, because some people are best described as dream busters while some, fortunately are dream builders. 

The reality is that these dream busters could emerge even from your family and closest of friends. These dream busters probably don’t wish you bad, but because they feel that they know you too well, they don’t really see that which is beyond their comprehension in you. Here is the bad news, they set a limit for you (your conscious mind), asking you not to try to be what you just can’t be

However, the need to put yourself in the midst of positive minds becomes an indispensable topic. Positive minds are dream builders, they encourage greatness, they see beyond the present with their eagle eyes, they see that  innate ability in you that can build a dream castle if ignited gradually with the spark of light in their encouraging words and coaching. They help you see how big and great you can be, they ask you to expand your mindset by helping to set your mind right. They help you see that greatness in you and constantly remind you of the words of Henry Ford which says that “There is no man living that cannot do more than he thinks he can.” They help you grow, they are big dreamers and doers themselves. They believe that with a high spirited (conscious and unconscious) mindset merged with committed actions, the pinnacle of success will be reached. 

Fix yourself in the midst of pigsties minds

Talent Castle 


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