Interview with Nairabox

What kind of App is it?
Nairabox is a digital wallet that allows its users to pay for goods and services within the app and also make in-store payment. Users can buy airtime for themselves, contacts or buy airtime with just phone numbers. They can make bill payments e.g DSTV, GOTV, Startimes, Internet providers, LCC Toll, Electricity bills etc Buy Cinema tickets and Event tickets 
Does it work with computers or/and phones? 
We have the Nairabox website, which give several information about the application. It works primarily on the app but we might introduce some services on the website in the future.
Which kind of phones is your App compatible with?
It is currently available on Android and IOS operating systems for now other phones like Windows and Blackberry coming soon.
How long have your App been in existence now?
We launched in December of 2015, we are barely 5 months old
What’s the idea behind creating your App? (Why your App?)
We are all about convenience and ‘Doing it quicker’ whether is buying Cinema tickets, Event tickets. Say bye to long queues at the Cinema when a blockbuster movie is on, you can pay for a Cinema ticket in advance and at your own convenience. We are aware of the payment drama in the country, sometimes your card fails because your bank could not be reached but with Nairabox because it’s a wallet and it has been pre-funded, you will never experience any of those issues. Make payments whether you are online or offline, 100% success.
Is there limited number of persons that will use your App or it can accommodate unlimited number of persons? 
It can accommodate as many users as possible
Who can use your App?
 As long as you have a smart phone Nairabox is for you, you definitely would need one of our features.
How can prospective users of your App manage it without incurring stress? (Are there simple tips to guard users like the help menu?)
Nairabox is easy to use, its self-explanatory and every step there are guidelines. Users can also reach our customer service or through all our social media handles twitter: @nairabox , instagram: @nairabox and Facebook:
Does users of your App cut across Nigeria?
Oh Yes! As long as you have a smart phone and access to data you can use Nairabox
We realized in your description that your App helps users to send money to other users of your App. Is it transfer from and to personal bank accounts of users?
No, Nairabox does not allow users send money to personal accounts. You can send money from one Nairabox account to another to be used at our partner stores or features already integrated in the app
Is there a specific bank this works with? 
 Nairabox is compatible with all banks, meaning you can fund your nairabox with all bank cards or online using any bank
What kind of retail stores participate in Naira box? And which services do they get from you?
We currently have clubs, boutiques, eateries, departmental stores etc there is no limit on the kind of stores we can integrate with. We offer transaction simplicity, cashless transaction flow and not forgetting 100% successful transaction rate.
To make automated payment for steady utility charges, does it mean the App works in conjunction with the user’s bank balances?
To make automated payment for bills, the user would have to readily fund his Nairabox wallet to make sure payments are made when due.
Does your App need network service to perform all activities?
For the in-app features Yes eg Airtime purchase, Bill Payment, Cinema and Event ticket purchase but with in-store payment you do not need network service to make payment as long has you Nairabox wallet has sufficient funds.
After installing the App, are there subsequent constant subscriptions for effective usage?
No, there are no subscription charges
What do you wish to tell the public (especially users) about your App? 
Nairabox is user-friendly, it meets your lifestyle needs. Provides convenience and makes you do things quicker. Gone are the days we get to the Cinema and we are confused on what movie to see or have to wait in line before you can get a ticket. You get cash back each time you buy airtime with Nairabox. Making bill payments have never been this easy, you can store your smart card or reference number for next time. Never get a failed transaction in stores, just fund your Nairabox and enjoy the ride. 
 Is your App currently or constantly undergoing any upgrading to ensure efficiency?
Yes, we bring out new updates bi-monthly, with exciting new features. Next update coming up in a few weeks.
What can you say to people out there that are yet to become users of your App?
 What are you waiting for? 
 What makes your App unique, and what major stress does it seek to reduce for users?
 First of all our user interface is second to none, Airtime purchase has never been so simple and stress free, Buy tickets at the convenience of your home, office, school, Whenever and Wherever you go. Make in-store payments whether you are online or offline. Life just got a little easier with this amazing app.
How can one get the App on his/her gadget?
Get the Nairabox app on your Playstore or Apple store now.

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